We are already experiencing 2E in real life, such as the cafe's frequency and commerce points. Through a platform implemented in the WEB3 method, we want to create an ecosystem that balances supply and demand by allowing anyone to provide income from activities for these specific actions and participate without boundaries.

The KPOP CTzen project is equipped with X2E (Everything To Earn) PLATFORM as a utility.

The IP (Persona) of the KPOP CTzen project will be the first condition of use of the platform. Numerous projects derived from V1 and V2 are intertwined and form organic relationships, creating a multi-dimensional reward economy ecosystem without being trapped in a particular category of fashionable 2E.

Example of X2E Model for a Project

L2E (Listen To Earn), C2E (Create To Earn), and S2E (Social To Earn) are realized.

In the second half of 2022, L2E radio will be launched in the KPOP CTzen project. When you stream registered music, tokens are mined. This is a neglected music streaming service, not a P2E for playing games or M2E for exercising, and a platform that expands to the supply pool of artists and composers who want to open their streaming channels in the future.

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