KPOP CTzen V1 & V2

V1 is NFT PFP art that depicts KPOP listeners in real life, and V2 is a KPOP listener in a different dimension.
17,776 NFTs were issued with 8,888 V1 and 8,888 V2 as ERC 721 tokens for the Ethereum network.
7,000 V1 were sold out in the first and second pre-sale on March 3~4, 2022, and 1,112 of the 10,000 V1, including team and public sale volume, were incinerated and fixed at 8,888 by the holder vote on March 15, 2022.
As a benefit for the initial participation holders, as of March 25, 2022, the "Welcome Kit" was delivered to all holders as much as the total number of V1 wallets and one fashion merch (baseball jumper) per five sheets.
V2 is for V1 wallets held as of May 20, 2022, and is made by bridging the 1:1 airdrop 'ticket' with V1 for V1 quantities on June 9, 2022. Multiple tickets can be used to create each V2 in the same V1, where V1 remains after bridging, and the 'ticket' is rebuilt to V2.
V2 is divided into seven grades, TRINITY, KING, ROYAL, LEADER, HERO, CITIZEN, and PIONEER, and the 'ticket' of the class has been airdropped according to the criteria below.
<Number One Compensation - Differential in Quantity Held> ✅ As of May 20, 2022, you can receive TRINITY, KING, and ROYAL-grade tickets according to the following quantity. Based on each wallet, 1 TRINITY ticket per 10 V1 sets, 1 KING ticket per 5 V1 sets, 1 ROYAL ticket per 3 V1 sets. Tickets rated TRINITY, KING, and ROYAL are calculated as compensation for the most extended retention period among V1s in an airdropped wallet.^
<Number Two Compensation – Differential in Holding Period Held> ✅ As of May 20, 2022, you can receive tickets rated LEADER, HERO, CITIZEN, and PIONEER according to the holding period below. For the remaining NFTs, which have the oldest retention period as a number one reward, the remaining NFTs are excluded from the holding quantity in the order of the oldest retention period, and for the remaining NFTs, at least 1,440 hours: LEADER (Tier 4), at least 720 hours: HERO (Tier 5), at least 360 hours: CITIZEN (Tier 6), less than 360 hours: PIONEER (Tier 7)
V2 is given a boost hash rate of NFT staking that occurs under certain conditions, depending on the rating of the ticket used for the bridging. In order to be subject to V2's staking boost hash rate, it is necessary to skate in 1:1 quantity with V1. You only need to have the conditions V1 and V2, and you do not need to steak a particular NFT.
Mining Hash Powers for staking V1 and V2 are as follows: