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  • Project General Management of KPOP CTzen

  • ROWOON LABS' LAUNCH PAD General Operations

  • Leading NFT Commercialization across K-CULTURE

Rowoon Labs is developing the IP of K-CULTURE-based companies by planning and contenting blockchain-based businesses. It helps to create a community of companies and brands wanting to enter the NFT industry. It expands its business by developing business plans for metaverse in the future. In addition, it provides technical support for NFT project design for holders, providing a WEB3 business platform that anyone can easily create their IP content.

CEO : Lee Seung-Won Co-representative

CEO : Choi Yoon-Seok Co-representative

CDO : Roh Jae-Hyun General Art Directing

General Program Development and System Implementation : Kim Gun-Joong Programming & System Development

Program Development and System Implementation : Park Eu-Gene Programming & System Development

Produce & Design : Jung Joon-Gyu | Lee Sang-Min Programming & System Development

Planning and Community General Manager : Kim Gun-Joong Planning and Community Development

COO : Lee Yoon-jong Project External Suggestions and Sales


Ko Kwang-Hyun / THE MARS Ko Kwang-Hyun, general director of Met at THE MARS. NFT Project Operations of THE MARS

Professor Lee Si-Han

Sungshin Women's University Adjunct Professor NFT/Metaverse Worldview, Story Creator 'The Age of Metaverse' and 'The Age of NFT' Author

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Stylist Park Jin-Ah

Choreographer Choi Young-Jun

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