Just as the identity is formed by our lives so far, the holder of the KPOP CTzen project can freely give his NFT the identity he wants on the premise that he owns the NFT.

At this point, the holder can project itself, take advantage of the features in the image of the NFT, or create an entirely new setting.

In other words, secondary authoring in the direction the holder wants is allowed to the extent that it does not bring social controversy. (For copyright information, please refer to 'KPOP CTzen NFT TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF US'.)

The IP derived by the holder can create a 2E (To Earn) ecosystem by participating in the X2E platform of the KPOP CTzen project, as well as living on the SNS of WEB2 or WEB3.

The persona, which will constantly be derived from a total of 17,776 different holders made of V1 and V2, is an essential factor that will enable the infinite expansion of our project. Operation management is carried out during the project process. Depending on the project's purpose, B2E(Buy To Earn), P2E may occur, or another X2E may occur where the world is connected.

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