The KPOP CTzen project will make KPOP CTzen IDOL with holders and advance to Metaverse. KPOP CTzen IDOL is the face of the KPOP CTzen project that promotes the X2E platform.
Create To Earn
C2E is the most common 2E model in WEB3 that creates something and gets rewarded for it. If the fields that require professional skills such as painting, music, and video were general C2E models in the NFT market, KPOP CTzen lowered the hurdle for participation by using the familiar genre of "writing."
Persona is a method of writing using a particular device, and various contests occur through KPCT, collaboration partners, and Holder's Project. IDOL MAKING is the final roadmap for the KPOP CTzen project.
The holders who participated in the IDOL MAKING PERSONA contest will use their KPCT NFT (including V1 and V2) to create the story of each member of KPOP CTzen IDOL. At this time, the rule maintains a minimum concept unique to each member. Persona, adopted by voting by KPCT holders and screening by the management, is refined into the worldview and IP of idol groups that debut through experts in various fields.
The KPOP CTzen project is preparing for the idol group's debut from the end of 2022 to the beginning of 2023.
KPOP CTzen IDOL is reborn as META KPOP CTzen IDOL based on the persona given due to the persona contest and implemented as a 3D avatar. These avatars will initiate priority activities within the Metaverse platform to be launched on The Mars.
In a metaverse world transcending time and space, META KPOP CTzen IDOL can perform worldwide. At this time, the performance can be conducted by KPOP CTzen IDOL directly capturing motion or depending on the programmed scenario.
The biggest venue in the world, Wembley Stadium in the UK, has a maximum audience of 90,000. At the same time, the 2020 performance of "Travis Scott" in Fortnite attracted 27.7 million people and grossed a total of $20 million. Space-time transcendence on the metaverse is a tremendous market and an irresistible flow.
It leads the trend with the setting of the KPOP CTzen holder and the persona world view created by ordinary KPOP fans in reality and secures a global fandom through performances in the metaverse world.
'Revenue' in IDOL MAKING refers to 'Profit after achieving BEP (break-even point) generated during IDOL's first activity period.'
If no profit is generated during the first activity period of KPOP CTzen IDOL, additional investment is required for future activities in addition to KPOP CTzen's IDOL MAKING project investment. In this case, apart from the roadmap of KPCT V1 Minting City, it will be carried out as an exclusive business of the agency contracted with the IDOL.

Activity Revenue

Persona KPCT Holder: 10%
The persona KPCT holder selected for the IDOL MAKING Contest (V1, V2 without distinction) must entrust the KPCT NFT to the company to provide the right to use during the KPOP CTzen IDOL activity. At this time, n number of holders of KPCT from Persona receive 10% of their profits from KPOP CTzen IDOL activities in the n-division during the locked-up period. Lockup will be released after the end of the first activity, and the second transaction will be possible again.
General KPCT Holder: 20%
Ordinary KPCT holders (both V1 and V2 applicable/V2 are 1:1 airdropped only to V1 holders - selling shares of airdropped V2 is the individual choice of those V1 holders) are also eligible for distribution of activity revenue. The compensation will be distributed as 20% of the profits generated from KPOP CTzen IDOL activities according to the KPCT share ratio. At this time, the persona KPCT holder does not receive duplicate compensation. Also, there is no relationship between NFT Rarity (V1, V2) and revenue distribution ratio for KPOP CTzen IDOL activities.
Revenue from IP Business Sales Persona KPCT holders and general KPCT holders are equally distributed according to the share ratio, and there is no difference in loyalty. IP business's categories and distribution rates are updated when the actual KPOP CTzen IDOL is active.
META KPOP CTzen IDOL, which has been extended to digital twinning, will operate in various metaverse spaces with KPCT holders. That space is called KPOP CTzen LAND, and as the first target place, we settled in the colony of the "The Mars Metaverse Project."
KPOP CTzen LAND is the main activity stage of META KPOP CTzen IDOL, and it is the place where there are performance halls, fan meeting halls, goods stores, and metaverse offices of various cooperative companies. You can meet META KPOP CTzen IDOL in the metaverse world where people from all over the world can enter without time and space constraints. The metaverse concert, which has a low-ticket price, increases accessibility to global fandom, attracting more fans.
The Mars KPOP CTzen LAND is made up of about 100 lands, and the cooperative partners of the KPOP CTzen project and KPCT holders can get a first-time purchase opportunity.
The basic configuration of KPOP CTzen LAND is the same as the basic configuration of the Mars Colony. When the avatar enters the building installed on each land, it has an internal size regardless of the external size. [This content is related to the "The Mars Metaverse Project" and may vary depending on the roadmap of The Mars]