IP Business

It is a program where the WEB3 business project of K-CULTURE collaboration partners of Rowoon Labs, a project operator, and KPOP CTzen project holder private IP starts.

The project that will use the launch pad program is not only invested in and supported by Rowoon Labs for overall operations such as artwork, generating, marketing, and development, but also consulting on business network connections.

Using one of the category menus of the platform to be launched in the second half of 2022, FORM for white list information collection management and NFT minting pages are provided. In addition, the project can be carried out together if 2E development is planned to share the X2E Tokenomics ecosystem of the Rowoon Labs platform.

For a collaborative company

The launch pad, where partners' projects begin, expands the K-CULTURE theme and lowers the hurdles for companies' new entry into the WEB3 business.

Instead of creating personas directly by related partners, it can be conducted by borrowing personas from competitions or holders, and X2E such as B2E, C2E, and P2E (Pay To Earn) may occur depending on the project content.

Rowoon Labs oversee the overall technical development and initial operation of the project, and the holders of KPOP Ctzen have the opportunity to preempt the initial benefits of the project.

For a personal holder

The purpose of the collaboration with the holder, which will begin under the name of Holder's Project, is to help KPOP CTzen holders publish their stories to the world of WEB3.

It is a program that can expand KPOP CTzen's worldview with the imagination of the holders, and you can project anything related to your activities. However, you may feel that the barriers to entry to take advantage of this potential are high. At this time, if ideas are developed within KPOP Ctzen's community and plans are submitted and selected according to the application form, sufficient customized consulting will be provided so that you can challenge your project without any burden.

It is a complex S2E that starts as a community activity, and the number of people required to operate is recruited from the holder pool, so additional X2E such as C2E, S2E, and B2E can be derived in the process.

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