Listen To Earn

In addition to essential life factors such as food, clothing, and shelter, entertainment factors, including music, are essential to filling our lives. Moreover, listening to that music is now one of our fixed expenses. However, in the WEB3 ecosystem, music listening (streaming) can be rewarded, not just spent.
KPCT RADIO DAPP, developed by Rowoon Labs, is mining tokens for music selection and playback time. The Dapp uses a neglected system called streaming time rather than compensation for certain behaviors, such as P2E, which requires traditional gaming, or M2E, which requires actual movement. KPOP RADIO DAPP is launched as a To Earn service that secures membership and traffic by reducing the difficulty of user participation.


Users of KPCT RADIO DAPP can customize their radio. Users who want a great radio can show off their skin and theme, while those who want a high-performance radio can add a variety of music channels or reduce the time required for mining. This customization is a token incineration model that improves the efficiency of L2E and is used as a circulation system for Tokenomics.
KPCT RADIO DAPP creates a unique community through a real-time interworking chat and referral system. Users naturally form a fandom by talking about their favorite music channels, leading to increased participation of content providers (music artists such as performers, composers, vocals, etc.) In the future, we will support content providers to open their streaming channels so that they can meet various artists, not just KPOP CTzen's music. KPCT RADIO DAPP will be a WEB3 concert hall for content providers and listeners.
KPCT RADIO DAPP aims to become a WEB3 music streaming platform where content providers and listeners can communicate freely, away from just listening to music.
KPCT RADIO DAPP's skin and theme design is a retrofuturism genre that depicts the future against the 1980s when IBM Personal Computers became popular. Cassette futurism, a future-oriented concept that encompasses WEB2 and WEB3, against the backdrop of the emergence of WEB1, represents the identity of the DAPP created by the past and future elements of user participation and value creation through blockchain.


Content related to Tokenomics will be uploaded later.